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Donate for Cancer Patients

cancer patientsJeevan Sawaro Welfare Society Cancer Cure Fund is a unique initiative of the Jeevan Sawaro Welfare Society to financially assist underprivileged cancer patients in initiating and completing their treatment.

Donations received from investors in the constitutes the Jeevan Sawaro Welfare Society Cancer Cure Fund which is used to fund the cancer treatment of needy patients. The total donation amount of Rs. 12.77 Crores has been received as donation behalf of the investors. This donation to Jeevan Sawaro Welfare Society has made an invaluable difference in the lives of many needy cancer patients. We are pleased to inform you that since October 2011, the donations received from the investors of the Cancer Cure, have been used to grant financial aid for medical treatment to 609 patients aggregating to Rs. 14.89 Crores. Of these, more than 80% of the patients are less than 30 years of age. Timely financial assistance for medical treatment can indeed change their lives forever.

Every moment of a cancer patient’s life is one of unbearable, relentless pain. Help Age India works extensively in the field of palliative care, with the task of reducing the pain that terminally ill cancer patients suffer. Our work has grown stronger and stronger, and we now treat over 30,000 patients. However, we need funds to treat more and more. To help a cancer patient takes only Rs. 3,600 a year, which means it will cost you less than Rs. 10 a day.

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