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Jeevan Sawaro Magazine


Dear Residents/ Advertisers

When City grows or flourishes the people associated with it also grows! Hence, I am delighted to announce the successful completion of 1 years of our magazine,” Jeevan Sawaro Magazine”. With the help of our magazine we have created the common bond which brings us together. DWARKA has emerged as a growing city of New Delhi and is no more known for its Residential sector but also for its social infrastructure, Healthcare, Education, Sports and Recreation, Transport, Malls, Hotels etc.

Our Magazine,”Jeevan Sawaro Magazine” is a mini encyclopedia and requires no introduction to some of you. We emerged as an Advertising magazine however, with the years gone by we are more than a just an advertising magazine. Our magazine brought advises of Doctors through Doctors Column, Health Tips by Nutritionist, Schooling Tips by Well known Teachers etc. to your door step. As we progress and step ahead we are looking for your inputs, advises, feedback in order to make our magazine more friendly and useful.

We encourage our advertisers and readers to participate in our” Special Interview column” and come face to face to our readers. This will help you to introduce you to the readers and help you to take your business ahead.

We Promise we will continue to keep sharing new developments and information about your Dwarka. Our motive is to cover every nook and corner of the city and evolve more and more.

Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

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Mr.  Avdhesh Mishra (Chief Editor)