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Jeevan Sawaro Welfare Society

We at “jeevan Swaro” welfare society works for roti-kapda-makan for each and every individual of india.We help every person of india to achieve his basic goals of life &therefore we help government of india to make a developed country by 2020.
This society is being run under the guidence of Mr. Avdhesh Mishra(president).He works 24*7 to ensure our society works in organised manner and we make our dreams comes true to make our india no.1 country in the world by 2020.Mr.Avdhesh Mishra has over 15 yrs of experience in sales and marketing in financial sectors.He is a true indian and social activist also who always works for common people to achieve his goals.

Under the guidence of Sh.Avdhesh Mishra,definitely our society is going to create an example of developed india in the front of world.

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