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MPD 2021

delhi-master-plan-2021_39064_imageMPD 2021 At a Glance
Delhi is spread in over 1404 square Kilometers and the Urban Delhi is over 704 square kilometers. The remaining land of 700 square kilometers has been unlocked in the Delhi Master Plan 2021(MPD 2021) under Five Zones with names Zone J, K1/K2, L, M, N, & P-II.

Delhi has witnessed a huge gap between demand and supply of housing units. When the Delhi Master Plan was reviewed in 2006, it was observed that 35 lakh housing units were required whereas DDA provided only 3.5 Lakh units. Lack of infrastructure and acquisition of land in Delhi affected the process of meeting the demand. The process of acquisition was continually challenged by the land owners due to low compensation.

The Government realized these facts and notified a new plan known as MPD 2021 vide Gazette Notification No. SO 141 dated 07/02/2007. The plan focuses on optimum utilization of available resources, both public and private in land assembly, and housing. For the first time in Delhi, DDA has been kept away from the process of land acquisition and private builders/ farmers/ societies have been allowed to come forward and buy or assemble the land in notified zones and designated pockets meant for residential use.


Way Forward
For planned development, all facilities such as roads, hospitals, police stations etc. will be provided by the Govt. To ensure uniform development across the zone, Govt. has added a new chapter called Land Assembly Policy vide Clause No. 19 under Delhi Master Plan 2021 under which the DEs are required to surrender their acquired lands to DDA and DDA in turn will retain some portions of these lands for its own development use like roads and other infrastructure, while returning the balance land equivalent to the DEs for residential development.


Road Map
Builders/Societies/Company/land owners are then required to surrender their assembled land to DDA and the DDA will return the land to the builder within the radius of 5 KM considering the factors like roads, public utilities, hospital sites etc. provisioned in the sector plan.Builders/Societies/Company/land owners are then required to prepare their layout plans and start the construction.